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Body Scrubs For Glowing & Refreshing Skin

Your daily skin care routine might include your face. But, amid this, body care often gets overlooked. So, let us remind you today that it is equally essential as like Body Scrubs .

Dead skins tend to conceal your glow and deny your skin from getting properly moisturised. If you think you can depend on the skin’s natural regenerative cycle, then it is not 100% perfect.

Your skin type, environment, daily activities etc., are the basic factors that influence the process.

This is where we introduce you to body scrubs. 

Body scrubs have natural exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties. And, a diverse selection of ingredients is used to create a natural body scrub. Even though they sound similar, they are different – pick between sugar, salt, fruity, coffee, honey etc.

It’s time to give a luxurious spa treatment to your body right at your home with Nacomi. With no harsh chemicals, you can get a complete skin care cosmetic range that is produced organically.

But, why use a body scrub? Isn’t soap enough! 

No- Here’s Why?

Surprising Benefits of Using Body Scrub

Body scrubs contribute to healthy skin. Let’s get to know the usefulness directly from dermatologists.

Removes Dead Skin Cells

A body scrub’s first duty is to unclog the pores on the skin and remove dried cells. This prevents razor bumps and ingrown hair. It goes way beyond the surface level to reveal glowing skin beneath the dead skin.

A refreshing appearance

A body scrub removes not only dead skin cells but also impurities. If you have blemishes or uneven skin colouration due to tanning, body scrubs are the perfect solution. You get to feel your best with radiating skin.

Keeps the skin hydrated

After using a body scrub, you can witness the changes instantly. It replenishes the skin and removes the cracked texture and dull appearance. It helps the skin to drink the moisturiser by removing the buildup layers on the skin.

Reduces Stress

Who said you need to book an expensive spa to get relaxed and remove stress? Nacomi brings you the entire experience, trapped in a bottle. Use a fragranced body scrub to release all the tension.

How to use a body scrub?

Whatever skin care cosmetics you are using, you must know the proper steps to make it work like a miracle. A scrub should not be put directly on your skin, but you first need to pat your skin with lukewarm water. Soke a town in the warm water and gently pat it on your skin.

Get a generous amount of scrub out of its bottle and use your fingertips to apply it. Try circular and inward motion. Continue for a minute or two, and then rinse it thoroughly. You can use warm water or water at its normal temperature. Now, pat the skin dry and let a little moist remain.

Take your favourite moisturiser and put it on your skin. The dampness on your skin will help to soak in all the goodies of the cream.

But, remember, more isn’t more.

Do not over scrub; use it at most twice a week. To keep your skin healthy – don’t go to a sunbathe or steam room after applying the scrub. Because this can cause irritation.

The best way to use the body scrub is while you are in the shower. After scrubbing, you can apply body butter for a soothing texture.

Be gentle and treat your skin with sensitivity. Choose the body scrub that suits your skin type. If you are looking for natural and vegan cosmetics, go for Nacomi’s body scrubs. We would suggest the refreshing iced coffee variant.

So, are you ready to exfoliate?

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