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After a long week of being battered by the wind, rain, hail, bits of trees, general debris from the streets and the occasional stray trampoline…… I think you’ll agree, we all deserve a Nacomi Pamper Night In !

Nacomi Steps to De-Stress !!!

STEP ONE:-  Pop yourself under a hot shower to dampen and soften your skin (also dampen your hair now for the next step).  Scoop out some Nacomi Coffee Scrub and massage all over your body (from neck down) in circular motions.  Pay particular attention to any areas of your body, where you may suffer from cellulite.  Leave the Scrub on your skin.

STEP TWO:-  Massage Nacomi Hair Mask into damp hair and leave.

STEP THREE:- (Optional, but a must for me)  Pour yourself a glass of Vino, Gin, Tea or whatever floats your boat and Relax for 5 minutes.

STEP FOUR:-  Pop yourself back under the shower and gradually rinse off the Coffee Scrub (leave mask in hair).  Once all the Scrub is off your body, then rinse the shower/bath to wash the used Scrub away.  Don’t worry, there are no Micro-beads swimming towards the Ocean.

STEP FIVE:-  The Relaxing Bit:-  Run a Warm/Hot bath and add 100 ml of Nacomi Bath Milk in with the running water.   While the bath is running, light a Nacomi Massage Candle, then take a level tablespoon of your preferred Nacomi Clay Mask and mix with either Oil, Water or the Nacomi Activator, and stir until you have a thick paste.  With a clean foundation brush, brush the clay onto your face (avoiding your eye area).

STEP SIX:-  Relax in your wonderfully sensual and aromatic bath until you either resemble a prune, the water starts to go cold, someone keeps asking when you will be finished or all three things happen simultaneously.

STEP SEVEN:-  As the bath water runs away, pop back under the shower and rinse off the hair mask and face clay.   As you dry your body, blow out the Massage Candle.

STEP EIGHT:-  Either alone or with the help of another pair of hands (looking for a wink emoji here…), massage the oil from the massage candle all over your body (neck down).  This step will take as long as you want it to…..

STEP NINE:-  You are now Squeaky Clean, Relaxed and Massaged, so the only thing left to do, is massage a Nacomi COLD PRESSED ANTI AGING OIL onto your Face and Neck from the bottom up, in circular motions.

Now just Pop on your jammies and enjoy your night.

Love Nacomi x

Managing Director

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