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Recipe For A Younger Looking Skin

You may have a fair or a dark skin tone; it does not matter, but you won’t disagree that your skin is starting to get wearied with the passage of time.  

It is losing its charm, its glow and beauty. And, the sole reason is the lack of a proper skincare routine. As much as you invest your time in your work, it would be best if you also took out some time for yourself.  

Let’s remind you there is no miracle skincare product yet developed that can change your skin overnight. 

It requires time, care, patience and natural brand skin care cosmetics. Nacomi brings you vegan-friendly cosmetics and natural skincare solutions.

What about skin ageing?!

Signs of ageing are something that you cannot avert. But, you can obviously delay them. 

Diet, stress, pollution are some of the unavoidable factors in this fast-paced life. And, these are the prime guilty of affecting your skin. 

So, here is little help from the dermatologists associated with Nacomi to revert to youthful-looking skin.

Tips to treat your skin – Golden Rules

Use the proper cleanser

Stick to a gentle cleanser to clean the skin, get rid of dirt, sweat and layer of dead skin. Nacomi’s cleansing foam works wonders. It is a natural product with an antioxidant effect on the skin. This product can smoothen the porous without removing the essential oils. Use it twice every day.

Use a retinol formula

Retinol includes Vitamin A, which is essential in fighting spots, acne, and wrinkles. It exfoliates the skin, making it healthier and lively. Use it at least 2- 3 times a week for apparent results. Alternatively, you can also try the hyaluronic face serum of Nacomi; it improves elasticity and softens the skin. 

Protect your skin from the sun

UV rays deteriorate the skin cells and damage the DNA to increase the risk of skin cancer. Exposure to sun rays can lead to premature ageing. 

So, protect your skin with at least 30 SPF. And, do not forget to apply a layer of sunscreen even if it is cloudy. Further, after coming home, use a pack of fresh fragrant body scrubs from Nacomi.

Stay hydrated

Your skin requires proper hydration to look supple. So, just like your body needs 1.5 l of water every day, your skin needs to be moisturised properly. 

Have you tried the Aqua Hydra skin moisturising face cocktail of Nacomi? It will keep your skin healthy and moisturises deeper skin layers, protecting the collagen fibres. Try to apply the moisturiser either after a bath or before going to bed.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Try to include a larger portion of fruits in your diet. They supply the body with a proper amount of vitamins and minerals. Avoid junk and oily foods as they can lead to acne. 

Along with that, try out fatty fish and green vegetables to enhance your youthful look. Include exercise in your daily routine, which helps reduce stress levels. Thus, you step toward gorgeous skin.

Sleep and Product choice are Important

Get quality sleep, and this helps the body re-energize itself, contributing to keeping the skin beautiful. 

Consistently do not switch from one product to another. Give it time to work so that you can get younger-looking skin. The more you choose natural skincare cosmetics, the more radiant your skin is.

So, Stay fabulous…

It is imperative to use the right product in the proper order. And, never wash your face with warm water. Try to combine your skincare routine with cleanser, serums, toners, and moisturisers. 

Also, pay attention to your hand care and feet care, these are more susceptible to irritation and dryness. So, choose the perfect natural cosmetics.

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